Why Choose UGC Recognized Universities In India

India has perpetually been referred to as land of knowledge and information since history. Several excellent thinkers and philosophers has came from this great land. Every annum the Indian education system produces thousands of scholars who complete their higher education from recognized universities and colleges. Every year different educational bodies coming up offering professional courses in various streams and subjects. University of Grand Commission (UGC) is a government body in India that gives accreditation to institutions and look after their working.

UGC is the major educational agency in India that mostly looks after:

  • Promotion and management of education system in colleges
  • Infrastructure and Academics of the universities.
  • Development in the filed of Research and introduction of new courses
  • Advising government for the improvement of education system in the country

In India there are Central Universities, State Universities and hundreds of other regional and private colleges under the UGC. To maintain the quality of education and the standard, the Ministry of Human Resource & Development (HRD) looks after the curriculum and doings of these institutions. Thus, these measures helps lakhs of students (enrolled with these universities/colleges) in their quest for a bright and better future. So to pursue the dream of quality education one should go for the UGC recognized universities in India.

With increasing demand on better quality higher education, the UGC are reinventing the style of studies and opening new courses to meet the demands of the modern world. The educational body focusing on technological advancements and research based learning to enrich the educational infrastructure of the country.

Today, convention subjects in the UGC recognized universities in India are being introduced with a target oriented approach where facilities for diploma and Phd are becoming common. With the introduction of higher studies and courses in the colleges and universities more and more students into the gateway of their dreams for higher studies. But be cautious when selecting any educational institution. There are also fake universities in India that claims to be recognized but offering fault degrees. Recently, on January 2010, Ministry of HRD, India has derecognized 44 Deemed University due to major misconduct found on their educational system. The trial is in the Supreme Court and the result is awaited.

Hence, it is always advisable for students to go only for UGC recognized universities and do some serious research while selecting any institution. You can find recognized universities and colleges in India at UGC Website.


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